Village Green - Located in the center of Town, the Village Green is a great place to relax, and a quiet place to wander. Many events can be enjoyed there throughout the year art shows and band concerts in the summer, and in the evening locals can be found gathering here playing guitars and other instruments.  Reel Pizza is located toward the rear of the park, where you can grab a pizza and catch a movie.  Off to the side of the Green is the police and fire station.  Public restrooms are also located by the side of the police station building.   The free Island Explorer buses also arrive and depart all day and evening from this park.

Agamont Park -- Agamont Park overlooks the Town pier at the end of West St. in Bar Harbor, located just beyond Sherman's book store. It's a great place to picnic while watching the summer ebb and flow of boats, pedestrians and cruise ships. The brand new public restrooms, otherwise know as comfort station, is being built right now and will open for the 2010 tourist season, and overlooks the park.  Don't forget the shore path to your right.

Grant Park -- Grant Park is hidden away at the end of Albert Meadow across from the Village Green. You can easily find the narrow road leading to this park, as it runs along side CJ's ice cream shop.  Down the road and through the gates, and you'll have found a quiet park overlooking the ocean. This is a beautiful park by day and early evening, and will get you as close to the cruise ships as you can get on land, but I would not advise being in there after dark.  Everything from drug deals to fist fights go down in there after dark.

Harborview Park - This small park and promenade on West Street at the bottom of Main Street facing the ocean is a centrally located place to gather and relax while watching Bar Harbor locals and visitors travel through their day around you. Harborview  I never really considered this a park, it has a couple of very large flower boxes with seating along the edges, and beyond that, about four benches facing out toward the harbor.  It's small and the side walk runs right through the center of it.    Its within a quick walk to many downtown shops and restaurants as well as a stone's throw from the town pier.


Glen Mary Pool -- Glen Mary Pool is on Glen Mary Rd. It's a large wading pool open 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily, weather permitting. Children under ten(10) years of age MUST be accompanied by a parent or other competent person over the age of fourteen (14) years of age. Please call Bar Harbor Public Works at 288-4681 with any questions. Glen Mary Pool also doubles as an ice rink during the winter.  All the local kids come here in the summertime to swim, and it is one of Bar Harbor's best kept secrets.  Usually in the summertime they keep it open until dusk.


 Athletic Fields -- Bar Harbor's Ball fields are on the corner of Park St. and Main St. We have five fields used by our local sports teams at various times throughout the year. Basketball and Tennis Courts -- Our basketball courts and tennis courts are near our ball fields. A sign up sheet is on hand for tennis throughout the summer, however it's first come -- first served for basketball. Do not go there after dark, it is posted due to drug activity as well as fights.  And if you are in the downtown area at any time and hear or see a helicopter passing over head, most likely it is heading for the ball field, as this is the location for lifeflight to land.  Everyone is cleared off the field when a helicopter has to come in.

Comfort Stations

Comfort Stations There are four public restroom facilities in Bar Harbor. The restrooms across from the Village Green on Firefly Lane, connected to the police building and the restrooms located at the Town Offices at 93 Cottage St. are opened year round. The Pier restrooms located near the Harbor Master's office on the Town Pier, and the comfort stations on Park St. near the athletic fields are opened seasonally. Brand new restrooms are being built as I write this.  It is huge, located in the park across from the town pier, right next to Sherman's book store.  The local shop and save super market also has rest rooms for the public to use over by the frozen food section.  All the pizza shops in town also have rest rooms, but they all now have signs saying for customers only - hey, just buy a bag of 99 cent chips if you have to go that bad.  

Mt. Desert St. Cemetery
Mt. Desert St. Cemetery -- The historic Mt. Desert St. Cemetery is located on Mt. Desert St. in the middle of Town. This is a quiet contemplative place, despite it's central location, inviting people year round to pause and reflect before continuing on their way. It is located between two churches, right across the street almost from the Jesup Library.  Many very old grave stones are found in here, one tells the story of a 12 year old girl who wandered into the National Park (not a National Park at the time) in the mid 1800's.  She climbed almost to the top of Newport mountain (now champlain) and stood on a large rock with a friend, the rock gave way and carried her to her death.  The friend survived.  The tale is told on her stone.


Four hours before low tide and four hours after the low tide mark, people as well as cars, can cross over the sand bar to Bar Island on the other side of the sand bar.  Bar Island use to be split in half, one side owned by the park, the other side privately owned.  Today, the entire island is owned by the Park service and is open to be explored.  Do today as many families did in the 1800's, pack a picnic, cross over and follow the winding road to the large open field where you can sit and enjoy lunch while looking out over the harbor.  There are a few apple tree's up there as well.  A path leads onward to the peak with outstanding views.

but be warned, many have been trapped over there by the rising tide.  If you are lucky and come off the Island in time, you will still get back across by wading waist deep through ocean water.  If your too late, you either spend the night until the next low tide, or do what many others have done, call for help on your cell phone or yell loudly for help.  either way, Park rangers in a boat, or the Harbor Master will be along to pick you up.  And what a story you will have to bring back home.   Park Rangers also go up by the field and use it as a look out point, trying to catch people on the sand bar below with loose dogs or people speeding or doing power turns in the sand with their cars or trucks.

Abbe Museum

Be warned, there are two Abbe Museums, one is located within the Park itself at The Sieur de Monts Nature Center and is very tiny.  Once you pay to enter, you are greeted with a collection of old stones and rocks, and many feel ripped off.  Pass this one up and save your money if your not into stones.

The other Abbe Museum is located in town, almost across the street from the village Green on Mount desert street.  You pay to get into this one as well, but in this case you get your money's worth, and your kids will actually enjoy this museum.  At different times they post work shops, such as basket making the way the Indians use to make them, and for a small fee, its hands on.  I highly recommend you visit this one of a kind museum.


Emergency Services
Maine State Police800-432-7381
Maine State Police Troop J, Ellsworth667-3722
U.S. Coast Guard Search & Rescue, SW Harbor244-4200
Poison Control Center, Maine Medical Center800-442-6305
Bar Harbor Police Department288-3391
Bucksport Police Department 469-7951
Hancock County Sheriff’s Department667-7575
Ellsworth Police Department667-2168
Hancock Police Department422-6502
Southwest Harbor Police Department244-7911
Stonington Police Department667-7575
Winter Harbor Police Department667-7575
Blue Hill Memorial Hospital, Blue Hill374-3400
Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, Ellsworth664-5311
Mount Desert Island Hospital, Bar Harbor288-5081
Ellsworth Public Library  667-6363
Hancock Point Library422-6400
Seal Harbor Library276-5306
Jesup Memorial Library, Bar Harbor288-4245
Northeast Harbor Library276-3333
Somesville Library Assoc.244-7404
Sorrento Library 422-3900
Southwest Harbor Public Library 




ACADIA NATIONAL PARK INFORMATION CENTER - please call the park's information center at 207-288-3338, Monday-Frirday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. eastern time


207-288-3338 (voice) 207-288-8800 (TTY)



For reservations, call:

800-365-2267 - USA Only
888-530-9796 - TDD
301-722-1257 - International Reservations



  The first thing to realize is this Bar Harbor is on an island, home to Acadia National Park, and housing is very limited. In fact, all the towns of MDI, Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Treemont, Bass Harbor, Town Hill as well as the other tiny villages are all located on an island, which is also home to Acadia National Park.   I will cover the different projects in town, including Eden apartments, owned by the town, this is made up of six duplexes, and it does not get advertised as much as the other projects because the waiting list is about three years long.

  1. Step 1
    HOW TO FIND HOUSING IN Bar Harbor Maine

    Contact by phone or by mail the Bar Harbor  Housing Authority and inquire about the Eden Apartments if you are searching for 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in town. They are on the Woodbury Road, close to stores, churches and hospital, with brand new major appliances this year including washer, dryer, stove and refrigerators. Each family has their own long driveway and lawn area around each apartment as well.  Eden apartments is unique in many ways from any other housing project.  First, the apartments are in duplexes, well spaced apart with trees and shrubs between each duplex.  That means no matter which apartment you get, you will only have one neighbor  on the other side of your walls.  Each apartment has it's own long driveway.  Each apartment also has a large load coin washer and dryer, 75 cents per wash and dry.  Each apartment also has it's own fenced in area in the rear where young one's can play.  Each has wall to wall carpets, and the kitchens were completely rebuilt in 2009.  Kebo golf course is at one end of the street, and one of the entrances to Acadia National Park is close to the other end of the street.  Downtown stores are about a 15 minute walk away.  Woods are to the rear of the project, and a small brook runs through the center of the project.  It has a very country feel to the project.  Rent is based on 30% of your income, and the housing authority also run's a section * program as well for those needing help with their rent.  But because the town of Bar Harbor owns the project, they offer a opt out clause, for families with higher earnings.  Instead of paying 30% of your income, you can chose to pay a flat fee and make as much money as you want.  If there is a draw back to living here, it is the electric heat each unit has.  In winter months, you can expect your light bill to soar upwards of $300 to $400 per month.  If you are low income, the state has a program called HEAP which will cover two of those months, and the Sea Coast Mission will help cover another month.  If you belong to a local church, they will also help with one months light bill.  

  2. Be prepared to give up smoking. If you smoke, there is no smoking in the apartments, outside as well. They have a one strike your out rule.  This housing project has a very long waiting list of people wanting to get into it, so be prepared to wait for your name to make its way to the top of the list.  On average, expect to wait anywhere from one to three years to get into this project.  And there are only two 3 bedroom apartments, the other ten apartments are two bedroom units.  You are allowed to plant flowers outside your apartment, and the housing authority mows the lawns and plows the yards in winter time.  The free island explorer buses use to service the project, but no longer do.  But if you go to the end of the street, you can wave them down and catch a free ride throughout the day and evenings.  Island connections is another year round service available to the elderly and anyone with disabilities.  Let them know 24 hours ahead of time, and they will arrange a ride to local stores, doctors offices, or even off island to the big box stores in the nearby city of Ellsworth.  

  3. Contact them at;

    Bar Harbor Housing Authority
    Malvern Belmont Estates - No M
    80 Mount Desert Street
    Bar Harbor, ME. 04609-4609
    Phone: (207) 288-4770
    Fax: (207) 288-4770

    Services Offered: Rental Housing/Section 8

  4. Step 4

    Make a phone call or write to Acadia Apartments if you want a one or two bedroom apartment. They are located on West Street Extension, close to stores and a college. This also is a family and handicap project, with 1 and 2 bedroom units. This project also offers section 8 to families who need it, and rent is based on 30% of your income.  There is a playground on site, as well as a common laundry room with coin washer and dryers.  The apartments are in sections, with about four rents to each section, and the sections surround a large parking lot.  The project faces West Street Extension,  and an old dirt road runs along one side of the project through the woods.  Woods are to the other side of the project as well as to the rear of the project, again, this project has a country feel to it.  Yet it is only about a 15 minute walk from downtown stores.  Units has wall to wall carpets, and a combined living room/dining area.  Not sure how the apartments are heated or if heat is included with rent. 
    If you step out by the road, you can almost see the entrance to Acadia National Park up the street, and Eden Apartments is just around the corner.  This is a fairly quiet project.  Waiting list is anywhere from 3 months to a year.

  5. Step 5

    Tell them if you need a handicap accessible downstairs unit. Other units are two story apartments. Each unit comes with major appliances such as a stove and refrigerator. They also have an on-site coin laundry room.

  6. Step 6

    Contact by phone or write for an application at;

    Acadia Apartments
    (207) 288-2178
    25 West St Ext,Bar Harbor , ME 04609 Get directions
    Cross Streets: Between Woodbury Rd and Prospect Ave

  7. Step 7

    If you are elderly or disabled, phone or write for an application for Melvin Belmont. The Housing authority offices are also located in the building.

  8. Step 8

    Apply for an application by phone in writing;

    Bar Harbor  Housing Authority
    Malvern Belmont Estates - No M
    80 Mount Desert Street
    Bar Harbor, ME. 04609-4609
    Phone: (207) 288-4770
    Fax: (207) 288-4770

    Services Offered: Rental Housing/Section 8

  9. Step 9

    Call or contact the Bar Harbor Housing Authority to get placed on the waiting list for Rodick Lorraine. It is not far from the stores and is an elderly and handicap project.  The grounds are well cared for, and heat is included in the rent.  It's about a 10 minute walk to downtown stores.  A school is next door to the project, and the free Island Explorer buses pull right up to the front of the building all day and evening.

  10. Step 10

    Bar HarborHousing Authority
    Malvern Belmont Estates - No M
    80 Mount Desert Street
    Bar Harbor, ME. 04609-4609
    Phone: (207) 288-4770
    Fax: (207) 288-4770

    Services Offered: Rental Housing/Section 8

  11. Step 11

    Contact by phone or by mail the people who run Acadia apartments if you would like to apply for housing at Harbor  Hill Estates. This is another nice elderly and handicap project. Walking distance to stores is about a twenty minute walk.

    Acadia Apartments
    (207) 288-2178
    25 West St ExT, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609 

  12. Step 12

    Let them know when you contact them if you need help with rent through section *. They will help you through the process.

  13. Step 13

    Write or phone;

    Acadia Apartments
    (207) 288-2178
    25 West St Ext, Bar Harbor , ME 04609 

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